Why See An Orthodontist Near Me?

At Timock Family Orthodontics, aligning your teeth and jaw is more than just a job for us. We are honored with the responsibility to help our patients become healthy and confident by transforming their smiles!

In recent years, there has been an increase in retail businesses and medical services, including orthodontics, turning to online platforms. Many patients are turning to virtual services to execute their care. While we are excited to see the updates to come — and even have virtual appointments ourselves! — we would like to take a moment to remind you of why to see an orthodontist near me?r

We Provide Treatment Beyond Cosmetics.

Clear aligners, such as the widely respected Invisalign we offer, are quickly becoming orthodontic superstars. As their popularity grows, so does their demand. Companies have begun direct-to-consumer, mail-order aligner programs, cutting out the orthodontist completely! On paper, this may sound convenient, but it might not be as beneficial for patients as it sounds. 

Before starting treatment, your teeth and gums need to be healthy! An in-person orthodontist can thoroughly check bone, teeth, and gum health when assessing. Many causes or needs for orthodontic care hide under the surface. When you send in your impression of your teeth and photos, your provider will make decisions based on only some of the information! Attempting to move the teeth when they’re not ready could worsen the issues and even result in tooth loss!

An in-person doctor can also check and treat jaw alignment much more accurately, a service mail-order services don’t provide. Correct alignment can improve some breathing, communication, and digestive issues! 

At Timock Family Orthodontics, we care about your smile and your health. With periodic checkups, we will monitor both to make your smile happy and healthy.

We Offer Multiple Treatment Options!

For orthodontic care, one size does not fit all! That is why we offer a variety of different treatments for a variety of different needs! Let’s take a look at some of our treatment options:

  • Traditional Metal Braces — This treatment has been a staple in the orthodontic community for decades! It uses metal brackets, wires, and ligatures (colorful rubber bands) to align the teeth. There are many “attachments” for braces, like orthodontic bands, spacers, and elastics, but they’re not for everyone. Their durability makes them perfect for even the most complex teeth and jaw alignments! 
  • Clear Braces — Also known as ceramic braces, this treatment is more subtle than metal braces. The tooth-colored, stain-resistant appliance blends in with the mouth and works the same as metal braces. They’re durable but not as durable as metal braces, so they might not be for everyone.
  • Invisalign — These are custom-made, clear aligners that straighten the teeth by applying pressure. Invisalign aligners give a low-maintenance choice, and their snug, comfortable fit provides a nearly invisible appearance. However, their removable feature puts a responsibility on the patient to wear them for twenty-two hours daily. 
  • Lingual Braces — Hidden behind the teeth, these fixed braces deliver patients a look even more “invisible” than clear aligners! They work similarly to traditional braces. The brackets are 100% customized to your teeth for a comfortable fit and precise result. With more experience with lingual braces than any other provider in the state, you and your family can feel confident throughout treatment.
  • TMJ Treatment — TMJ, or temporal mandibular joint disorder, is a potentially painful condition resulting from or causing a jaw not to operate correctly. Stress on the jaw joints can make it difficult to chew, yawn, speak, and more. There are many treatments for TMJ and prevention methods. 

Dr. Timock’s Unmatched Experience.

You want an orthodontic specialist who takes pride in their work, and Dr. Timock does just that! Dr. Timock graduated top of his class from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and became the institution’s first student to receive perfect board scores. 

We know the “cookie-cutter” treatment won’t cut it! He keeps up-to-date with the latest treatment options, orthodontic updates, and technology to provide you with the best care possible. He has received many awards for his excellent care, including magazine 5280’s “Top Orthodontist” for twelve consecutive years! Dr. Timock does not take any of his honors lightly and works tirelessly to preserve them. 

We Won’t Break the Piggy Bank!

Quality care extends beyond the office. We don’t want our services to break the bank or intimidate you from getting the care you need. That’s why we offer flexible payment plans! Care on your terms.

After determining the extent of the treatment you need, our dedicated team will work with your insurance to use your benefits to the fullest extent. Then, we will sit with you and discuss payment options and plans! We know cost is an important variable of any medical decision, so we suggest a free consultation to determine your orthodontic needs. No surprises or hidden costs! 

Why See An Orthodontist Near Me?

Start Your Care with Timock Family Orthodontics Today!

We take pride in presenting personalized, affordable treatment for our patients. After a thorough examination, Dr. Timock will review all the options available to you or your child and answer any questions you may have. He would prefer the appointment runs a little longer than have you go home feeling like you didn’t get enough time with our team, so don’t be afraid to ask your questions!

Call or visit Timock Family Orthodontics to schedule your virtual or in-person free consultation! With two convenient locations and a doctor with incredible accreditation, you can feel confident your treatment will be worth the time.

We look forward to meeting you and discussing your custom treatment!