Which Orthodontic Treatment Should I Get?

Seeking out orthodontic treatment can feel stressful, but the results you can achieve will last you a lifetime! At Timock Family Orthodontics, we will help you figure out which orthodontic treatment you should get as you consider your options. Our team is here to discuss the importance of care, explain your options, and what we recommend you consider when making a decision.

An Investment Worth a Lifetime

Smile treatment with us will provide you with benefits, both aesthetic and related to your general health. Braces and Invisalign are certainly an investment, but your smile lasts forever. Timock Family Orthodontics strives to ensure each patient is thrilled with their smile by the end of treatment, and you feel more confident than ever!

Aligned teeth can better the chewing and biting function of your teeth, allowing for smoother digestion and the proper nutrients to be taken from meals. You may also see your speech patterns improve as your tongue can naturally rest in the correct place, making conversations a more effortless experience. 

Your Treatment Options


A great aesthetic option, Invisalign can grant you the smile results you are after with a comfortable, discreet design. They are custom-made out of smooth plastic to fit the alignment of your teeth perfectly. This appliance works in a series of trays where you transition from one set to the next to slowly shift your teeth into the perfect alignment. Each set of aligners is worn for about two weeks before moving on to the next.

LightForce Clear Braces

An alternative to traditional options, LightForce braces are a customized 3-D printed appliance designed just for you. The brackets are made of invisible tooth-colored ceramic material, providing an aesthetic appearance for patients seeking subtle treatment. They work to move your teeth in the right direction with fewer adjustments and appointments throughout your time with us. 

With the help of advanced digital scans, Dr. Timock can even show you a model of how your teeth will shift and can make slight adjustments during the planning stage to ensure efficient movement. 

Metal Braces

More comfortable and modern than ever, metal braces continue to be one of the most popular choices performed by Dr. Timock. They have proven to be one of the most effective plans over the years, fixing even the most complex orthodontic issues. Metal braces are also well-known for being affordable, allowing you to achieve your smile goals without breaking the bank.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are a customized treatment attached to the inner surface of your teeth using the latest orthodontic technology and ensuring a perfect fit for your teeth. They are another popular aesthetic option for those wanting to work on their smile without a prominent appearance. 

With this effective treatment, expect fewer follow-up appointments and a much simpler time dealing with your appliance daily. You can continue smiling regularly without thinking about your lingual braces, as this appliance will be hidden the entire time!

Which Orthodontic Treatment Should I Get?

Which Should You Choose?


We want each of our patients to be not only happy with the result of their orthodontic treatment but also confident with the look of their appliance in the time after beginning care with us. Some patients may feel more comfortable showing off their appliance with different colored elastics and metal braces, while others want to make it as discreet as possible. Either way, our team will work with you to find the appliance that will effectively reach your goals while matching your aesthetic desires.


Cost is an important consideration in deciding on your appliance. Our team will help you find the most effective option that comfortably fits your family’s budget so you can focus on what’s important: taking care of your brand-new smile! We provide flexible payment plans, automatic bank drafts, and other options to help make your treatment affordable. If you are using dental insurance, we will also be happy to file your claim to help maximize your benefits.

Length of Treatment

A common question we get asked is how long treatment will take. Your time in treatment will vary depending on the appliance you choose, your smile goals, and your current oral health. On average, care takes around one to three years to complete. Some patients get done sooner than others if their case is milder than an adult’s average work. 


Timock Family Orthodontics proudly serves patients of all ages and lifestyles. When choosing an appliance, finding the one that will best fit your lifestyle can help you more easily comply with the requirements that come with keeping your treatment plan on schedule and most effective. For example, a professional commuting to and from work may benefit from a less involved appliance like lingual braces. In contrast, a high school student can find time to care for Invisalign during the day. Discuss with Dr. Timock which option will work best for your case.

Our Team Can Answer Your Questions 

It would be tough to know everything about your options, or even just the appliance you choose, at the start of treatment. The Timock Family Orthodontics team is here to make the process as straightforward as possible by providing the resources you need to feel confident in your treatment plan. Whenever you have questions about your orthodontic health, whether in our office or at home, we will answer them. Upon contacting our front desk, our friendly staff will ensure you are directed to the right person.

Which Orthodontic Treatment Should I Get?

Begin Your Treatment Today!

Now that you know more about your treatment options at Timock Family Orthodontics, we hope you feel more prepared for your smile journey and can better consider your choices. Our team can happily answer any lingering questions when you schedule your free consultation. We have practices in Fort Collins and Windsor and serve the surrounding communities. We can’t wait to meet you!